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Motivation thru Fear

In the business news this week was a story about David Marcus, the President of PayPal.  Marcus used a tactic to “motivate the troops” that backfired on him.  It is amazing to see someone so high up the ladder make a predictable mistake like this.  He used FEAR as a motivator.  Usually fear does not work at all.  Sometimes it works in the short term but it never lasts.  Marcus threatened all his employees’ job security, suggesting they find a new job if they did not cooperate and use PayPal’s new mobile payment app more often.  the base of 2,000 workers rebelled and the story went viral.

My evil twin, Garth, who also believes in using fear as a motivator snuck into my studio and made a video about it.  Amazing!  Clearly Garth and I do not agree.  Check out the video here on my other site:







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