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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Catch someone doing something right!

One  of my favorite motivational techniques is catching someone doing something right.  I like this one because it is easy to do and creates smiles and its a very positive step toward creating the right work atmosphere for the employees.  I explain it in person much better than I can write about it.  Check out my latest Flying Shorts video:

My video channel is born!

OK, I’ve been bad.  Busy putting my new YouTube Channel together and have ignored my blog for too long.  I know, most people would rather view something than read something.  So I am adapting.  I will certainly post normal blog entries now and then but most of what I am doing now is spreading the word about employee management via my channel.

Check out “Flying Shorts – Business Lessons in Brief” by going to this link:


Or you can go to my new website,, where I have all of my released videos in sequence and in their appropriate niche categories.  I am releasing as many as I can as fast as I can right now, but it will settle down soon and be just two or three per week.

Sometimes it is easier to understand a business management concept when you see it and hear it.  Check it out and take the quiz in Video #1 about the true cost of disengaged employees.



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