What do business managers want to hear when they attend a presentation?

  • Something new!
  • Something amusing!
  • Something they can take home and begin using right away!

Gary Brose has all three and more.  Gary is a creative dynamo when it comes to unique approaches to people management.  His incentive programs and techniques are guaranteed to surprise and amuse your audience.

I am currently available to speak on the following topics:

  • Changing your Corporate Culture: (Re-energize your employees and get them all on the same page!)
  • Redesign your Compensation Programs (How to Bonus your way to profits™!)
  • How to “DeLink” – restructure your performance reviews and raise system for top results
  • The 7 Keys to creating a more Motivated and Engaged Workforce
  • How to build your workforce so you can keep up with the pace of change

His Funny side of Business approach will remind everyone that work does not have to be a chore if you can find the humor in it.

And his practical advice will add arrows to every manager’s quiver as they all try to “reload” for another year in the field.

At the heart of every business success is a manager who found the ways to bring the best out in every employee.  You and your attendees will gain insights and learn basic techniques that can start making a difference immediately in your business results.  Gary is an expert in Employee Motivation and speaks clearly and with great impact on that topic.

Keynote speeches:  $5,000 to $10,000

60 to 90-minute speeches on any of the topics above: $2,000 to $5,000

4-hour workshops: $3,000 to $8,000 depending on the number of participants.

All speeches and workshops can be customized to the client’s needs and expectations – length of presentation, level of participation prior and after the speech, advance book sales, time for Q and A, and other variables can be adjusted to make sure you meet all your objectives for your meeting.

Gary is happy to work within your frameworks to produce the most productive sessions.

For more details on any of his topics, contact Gary directly to discuss your needs. gary@smallbizsherpa.com 206-707-2628

jeffandgreg“In the last four years, we have purchased two competitors by using Gary’s methods. We did it with a very small amount as a down payment and we saved over $32,000.00 which was over 30% of the total purchase price! That was a lot of money to us at a time when we were tight on cash!”  – Greg and Jeff –


bio3-newsI’ve known Gary Brose for all of the 20 years that I’ve been publishing MARKETING, a monthly trade publication for the Puget Sound area. Gary has been, at once, a contributing writer, advertiser, supplier of messenger services, mentor and valued friend. I’m delighted to let others know of Gary’s exceptional business judgment, entrepreneurial talent, ethics and ability to express himself both verbally and in writing. I’m also delighted to know that he will begin sharing his wealth of business experience in print and online columns and can’t wait to begin reading them myself.  – Larry Coffman – Publisher, Marketing Newspaper (425-487-9111)

bio4-gavel“I’ve been Gary’s attorney since 1981 and I have seen firsthand what he has accomplished. He’s taken small underachieving businesses and built them up from next to nothing to industry leaders. He’s started businesses from scratch, suffered through the lean years and created long term cash machines. He will be the first to tell you about his failures but it’s those failures that have led to the successes he’s had. I believe in what he does and feel he can help others in the same way.”  – James Aiken – Attorney

bio5-dan“I have known Gary Brose for several years now and all I can say is that he must be doing something right. His flagship business, Fleetfoot Messenger Service is a staple in these parts. Even if you have never used his company, if you live in Seattle, you know the name. Brand recognition, stability, innovation and consistent service over time have helped make his business the icon that it is. Forget what I said before. Gary Brose isn’t doing something right. He’s doing lots of things right!”  – Dan Kennedy – Career and Executive Coach and Speaker.

bio1“It has been my pleasure to work closely with Gary Brose on a number of diversified projects and he has always impressed me with his wide range of knowledge, ability to identify challenges and develop innovative plans that produce positive results. It is this combination of far sighted vision with attention to detail that has made him indispensable on any number of business ventures, and an invaluable asset to his colleagues and community in general”.  – Glen Byers – President of GoTech.

bio7-mmm“I’ve known Gary since high school and I’ve seen him win a few and lose a few. What’s interesting to me is the way in which he experiments with his businesses. He treats them like his own private Petri dish. He tries new approaches and if they don’t work, he tosses them out and tries something else. He has a very creative mind and is right on target when it comes to doing forecasts and working with numbers. I recommend him to anyone who is running a business that is having tough times.”  
– Scott Byhre – 
President of Mind Map Media an Internet services company.

JEFFANGUS“I’ve met & worked with a wildebeest-sized herd of small businessfolk and entrepreneurs over the last few decades, but I have never met another one like Gary Brose.
He’s insightful, flexible, always learning, innovative, ethical, practical, and visionary all in one uplifting can-do guy. I’m always energized by his thinking and ability to act. There’s no one I enjoy working with more. He’s unique.”  
– Jeff Angus – Author and Speaker.