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Monthly Archives: July 2013


That’s right.   Now we are critical of robots!

Read an article in today’s Seattle Times business section about how the Honda Robot Guide at a museum in Tokyo had failed to discern between a person raising their camera up to take a picture and a person raising their hand to ask a question.

Good Grief!  Here we are in 2013 already expecting perfection from walking/talking robots as they interact with the public.  The article was quite critical and wasted no time making it clear that the robot’s debut was a disappointment.

So what is my point about all this?  My point is, hang on to your hats.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.  The pace of change is occurring so fast that even before robots have had success in interactions with the public, our expectations have risen so far so fast that we are astounded when it doesn’t work perfectly.

As you manage your business, remember that everything will be affected by this ever increasing pace of change and by the ever changing expectations of your customers.  Stay fluid.  Be flexible.  And embrace the change or it will eat you alive.

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