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What?  You mean by paying less, right?   No, I mean paying more.  But paying it for different reasons.

One of the most successful steps I’ve ever taken was to spend years perfecting how you can design a bonus program and pay people properly for performance rather than promises.  When you carve out a portion of the employee’s pay, say ideally 20% , and earmark that for bonuses (in contrast to paying them everything just for showing up) you can create a full workforce of motivated and engaged employees.

So, how do you do that?  Well, my book, Bonus Your Way to Profits! explains that in detail and is available on Amazon today.  However, for those who are just interested in the concept, I have started a series of videos on YouTube where I proceed to destroy my own book sales by giving all the information away for free (Hmmmmm, maybe I should rethink this).

Anyway, if you would like to transform your workforce and build a more motivated and engaged group of employees, then build a bonus program for each of them that motivates them to do the right thing for the company out of enlightened self-interest.  Pay them part of their salary specifically for achieving goals that help your company improve its bottom line.  To explain how to do this, I am in the process of creating over a dozen short 4 minute videos that walk you through it, step by step.  To see the first, go here:

To see the rest, visit my website and click on the page that takes you to Bonus Programs.  All videos relating to that topic are right there in sequence, just waiting for you.  OK, no excuses left now.  Change your Corporate Culture overnight with pay-for-performance programs that really work!

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