It’s Not Too Late to Make Your Business All You Dreamed
It Could Be… Let Me Show You How!

My online course reveals the proven way you can raise your company’s profits, add to its value, and increase your fulfillment as an entrepreneur — by focusing on the greatest untapped resource you already have!

FROM: Gary Brose, “The Small Biz Sherpa”

When you went into business for yourself, what did you want? I bet I know!

  • Flexibility – Nothing’s more numbing than the 9-to-5 grind, doing the same thing day in, day out. You wanted work that challenged you and would keep you growing, pushing you to and through your limits. Life’s too short for anything less!
  • Freedom – Your kids’ recitals and games. Your family vacations. Your own personal R&R. One plus of being your own boss: No one ever turns down your requests for time off!
  • Financial Security – Pay off the house (or get a nicer one), send the kids to better schools, retire early… You wanted to build a business you could turn a profit on when the time came.

But if you’re like too many small and medium-sized business owners I know, you’re still struggling toward these goals.

Why? Because YOU still have to pull too many of the strings and punch too many of the buttons to keep your business running smoothly… or even worse, running at all!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to put your business back on track to being what you wanted it to be… what you dreamed it could be… when you got started?


Take Your Business to Greater Heights with Me as Your Guide

I’m Gary Brose, “the Small Biz Sherpa.”

Over the last 40 years, I’ve started or bought more than two dozen small businesses in various industries.

I’ve led them all toward increased revenue, healthier bottom lines, and more on-the-job fulfillment.

What’s my secret?

I make the most of a business asset too many CEOs fail to ever develop: a fully motivated, engaged, and empowered workforce.

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that in my online course…


Employee Engagement: Your Ticket To More Profit and Value

In my course, I’ll take you, step by step, through the multiple techniques I’ve perfected that you (and/or your managers) can use to develop a dedicated, motivated team of employees who are…

  • focused on doing the right thing…
  • making the right decisions…
  • taking care of customers…

all the same way you would!

Once you have that asset in place, you’ve got the single most important thing you need to make your business the profitable, prospering enterprise you’ve always wanted.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll…

As a member of Employee Engagement, you’ll get 24/7/365 access to seven video-based modules that spell out specific steps you can take to transform your workforce into one that accelerates your business’s success.

These are proven techniques that work in any industry.

Here’s just a sample of all you’ll discover:

  • The 7 keys to a more motivated workforce.
  • How to build a productive AND proactive team of employees.
  • The “magic words” every boss and manager can use to ensure staff members are giving their best.
  • Why and how to implement a “pay for performance” compensation model.
  • The mistakes you’re probably making when you hand out raises and bonuses, and how to fix them.

You can watch these videos anytime, from anywhere, and you can go back to them as often as you want or need until you have perfect clarity on how to build up a more motivated – and ultimately more productive and profitable – workforce.


Special Bonus: Use My 3 Books To Take A Deeper Dive Into Developing An Engaged Workforce

When you enroll, you’ll also get, at no extra charge, three of my business books to help you get a firmer grip on the concepts and techniques I guide you through in the course.

Now, when I read a business book, I want it to get to the point pronto, and give me plenty of proven, practical takeaways I can immediately implement to drive profits up and stress down.

So I think you’ll appreciate the books I’ll ship you, for free, when you join my course:

  • The Ultimate Motivated Employee!: 7 Steps to a More Productive Workforce
    In-depth, “brass tacks” explanations of why my suggestions for changing your interactions with employees work, plus dozens of real-life examples.
  • Bonus Your Way to Profits!
    Straight talk about transitioning your business from a “dollars for hours” model to the much more motivational (and more cost-efficient) “pay for performance” approach, filled with true stories of business who benefited from this shift.
  • EXPRESS EXEC: A Novel Approach to Outrunning the Pace of Change

Let’s shake things up! Here’s my novel about a VP of manufacturing out to save her company from disaster. You’ll find it entertaining and instructional, with clear applications for your business in every chapter.

See? These aren’t weighty tomes from an MBA course. They’re quick, easy to read, and the perfect complement to your experience of the online course because you get the full rationale behind and success stories about every single one of the strategies I’ll show you.

So How Much Does Employee Engagement Cost?
(Answer: Not much compared to how valuable your business would be as a well-oiled, smooth-running machine!)

When you think about all the strain and stress you’re putting yourself under because you don’t have a workforce you can count on to keep things humming without your constant involvement…

When you consider all the long hours you’re putting in for less-than-spectacular results, and all that time away from your friends, your family, from the people and pursuits you really love…

And when you weigh the risk of “clocking out” of this world before you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve: building a business others will pay you top dollar for…

Then the value of my course becomes pretty clear!


  • You get unrestricted access to 7 online video modules, laying out in detail the specific, proven strategies you need to follow to attract, train, and retain staffers who’ll give their best to your business and help you turn it into a profitable selling machine.
  • You get 3 of my business books, which give you all the “why” behind my tactics, as well as concrete case studies of business owners like you who’ve used them with success.

In the future, I’ll be selling Employee Engagement for $497 – and for all the principles and techniques it includes for transforming your staff and your business, that’s a steal.

But for a limited time, I’m giving you the chance to invest in your business… to invest in YOURSELF… for just $197.

Why am I offering such a great deal?

Here’s the deal: American businesses need to know these employee engagement tactics now more than EVER.

I mean, just imagine an America with 200 million truly motivated employees…

Is there ANYTHING that country couldn’t do?

OK, enough with the flag-waving! But I mean it: I love this country and want to see its business owners enjoy the results of all their hard work and risk.

So I’m offering this great price to get the word out as quickly and to as many business owners as I can.

Still not sure you can invest $197 in a program that could help you exponentially increase your revenue and your company’s value?

You’re also protected by my personal guarantee:

If, within 30 days of your purchase, you’re for any reason not fully satisfied with your investment, let me know and I’ll refund your money – no hard feelings.

Within Six Months,
Your Business Could Look Like THIS…

Your employees show up a lot happier, eager to roll up their sleeves and get busy – and the results of that mindset shift start showing up in your daily receipts.

They come up with more good ideas on their own, and do what it takes to make them happen – which means your company is selling more with less sweat and stress on your part.

Your customers rave about you and your staff to their friends – burnishing your business’s reputation and expanding your market even more.

Your bottom line starts to grow – and bigger income means bigger paychecks and bonuses, which kicks off a positive feedback cycle for your employees.

And best of all, your business runs better than ever, even when you’re not around… making it exactly the kind of business someone will gladly pay you lots for when you’re ready to sell… on YOUR terms and timetable!

A supercharged workforce truly is the secret to building the business AND living the life you’ve always wanted.

Find out how you can supercharge yours!

One business owner to another: I know you’ve invested so much time, money, and passion in your business already. You want to be proud of it. You want it to be your legacy. Isn’t it worth this very modest investment to make sure you’ve done all you can to make it a company someone will be more than happy to pay you handsomely for?

My series of 30+ short videos are available to you today. Email me ( or call me at 206-707-2628.

We can discuss your needs, and I’ll send you the links for all my videos.