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Are you struggling just to keep up? Join the club.

If you are a business owner or in middle management, one of the toughest problems you face is staying on top of the latest business changes. As time goes by, we are faced with more new ideas, systems, and products coming at us everyday. Just to stay up with it, every executive needs to spend more time reading; more time talking to employees; more time checking out the competition and if you do all that well, you don’t actually have time to do your real job. So, what can you do?

I’ve struggled with this too and over time I came up with the only solution that makes any sense. So, after trying it out in my own business life and seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, I wrote a new business book called EXPRESS EXEC.

This is an unusual business book. I hate to read philosophical jibberish and page after page of examples of those who did it right and wrong. Everyone does that stuff and it gets old. So I wrote EXPRESS EXEC as a novel. That’s right – a short story. I gave my protagonist the unenviable job of having to turn around a company in six months and deal with monstrous amounts of change in a very short period. My story is heavy on dialogue so the reader can hear every painful conversation, every moment of anger from employees, and feel the angst, fear and lack of trust that each employee feels. I added some opposing forces and a few twists and turns because we always run into that in real life. So you get it in the story too – however, I think feeling it, and living it a bit, will help managers to understand better how to deal with it.

Please contact me if you have any stories of your own you want to share, or just want to talk about your own people-management issues.

UPDATE: Express Exec is now available on Amazon – Buy Express Exec Here  – and at virtually all other book retailers and outlets in both digital and paperback form.

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