At the time, there were no books on the subject and no blueprint to follow.

YOU do not have that problem. Everything you need to develop a quality bonus or incentive program is explained in detail in Gary’s book “Bonus Your Way to Profits!”

This isn’t about giving away money to the employees. A quality bonus program provides proper employee motivation and rewards AND returns an equal or greater value back to the company! This is a true Win/Win!

What is included in this book:

  • The Eight Essential Elements of a Quality Bonus Program
  • A detailed description of each element
  • Examples of bonus programs that succeeded
  • Examples of bonus programs that failed and why
  • Step by Step instructions on how to design a quality bonus program
  • Sample memos to your staff
  • Samples of ways to handle objections from the staff
  • A detailed explanation of how to transition from a traditional pay model to a bonus-based program

Immediately upon finishing this book, you will be able to begin designing your own bonus-based compensation structure that breathes new life into your company and has the power to add significantly to your bottom line!

  • Do your math.  Imagine what just a 3 or 4% improvement in productivity would do for your bottom line!
  • How much further along would your company be if every employee was as concerned about results as you are?
  • When you restructure compensation so that a portion of each employee’s paycheck is based on ‘Pay for Performance’, you begin to affect true culture change for the better!

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