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Follow up to the minimum wage discussion

I caught some flack for my stance on making a dramatic and swift change to the minimum wage. So I did something about it.

how-to-get-raiseI wrote a book entitled “How to Get a Raise! 7 Steps to a Higher Paycheck”.  The solution to the minimum wage issue is not to let government micromanage your life. It is to do it yourself. But I have come to the conclusion that many folks at the minimum wage level simply do now know what to do to escape it. My book simply discusses steps that employees can take (whether they are at minimum wage or not) to get a raise and increase their own pay.  The book is now available in eBook form on Amazon at :

Know someone who needs some help, point them in that direction. It is very inexpensive and I will be making it free at various intervals. This isn’t about making money. Just my small contribution to a solution.


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